Below is a list of the general services but if you still can’t find what you’re looking for, please feel free to get in touch; all services are tailored to the individual project so we will be more than happy to help.

Landscape Design

Landscape design to meet the clients needs from small residential courtyards to large scale developments and commercial properties as well as landscape schemes for planning approval. Each landscape sceheme is individual to the site and clients needs from simple conceptual plans through to fully detailed plans with hard and soft landscape specifications. Drawings can be hand drawn or on CAD dependant on the clients needs. With a background in art we can also offer illustrations and supporting art work for presentations

Planting Plans

Whether it is a car park, a new development or a garden scheme fully detailed soft landsaping plans can be produced to meet the clients needs and requirements. With extensive knowledge of plants and their requirements we can ensure that the planting meets the requirements of the site and provide aesthetic qualities. Each planting plan is tailored to the site and aims to offer interest and a creative look. Full plant specifications can be provided along with planting specifications and maintenance schedules

Landscape Planning

LCAs and VIAs: written reports looking at the existing landscape features and surrounding areas; and how  developmental proposals will work successfully within the existing environment. Liasing with developers, local authorities and other relevant agencies/bodies to achieve planning approval for hard and soft landscape proposals within the proposed develpment

Specifications & Management

Written specifications for hard and soft landscape to work alongside proposed developments to ensure that the local planning authority and contractors have all the necessary information to approve and commence construction. These can be included onto the plan or in report form in as much detail as required. Maintenance/management schedules to continue the high standard of the development once completed

Project Management & Consultancy

From design to completion services can be tailored to suit. Services include the tendering process, project management and consultancy as well as liaising with local authorities, contractors, and other agencies and industry experts to ensure successful completion. From on site meetings to the boardroom we can provide landscape consultancy and advisory services

School ground development

Creating outdoor education and creative play areas, wildlife gardens, trim trails and working with school gardening clubs to support outdoor education.  Assistance in applying for grants and sponsorships to enable schools to develop their outdoor spaces. Liaising with local authorities and other relevant agencies/bodies as well as project management

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